See My Learning History

Check Course Completion

Please note, completed courses will appear in the Learning History within 15 to 30 minutes after completing all required modules within the course. If after 15 to 30 minutes, the course is not appearing in your Learning History, please return to the course and make sure all activities have been checked off.

To access your Learning History, please click on Learning History located near the top left of your screen or use the following direct link

Add external courses to My Learning History

  1. Click My Learning History
  2. Click Additional Education
  3. Click Add Education Info
  4. Enter details
  5. Click Save Changes

Expired Courses

For courses with expirations, previous completions of those courses will always be listed as “Expired” in the Learning History. As long as there is a recent “Completed” record in the Learning History, the “Expired” record(s) can be disregarded as it is only for tracking purposes.

To view the expiration date, open your completion certificate. The information will be stated below the certificate, if the course is to expire. :