Curriculum allows you to house multiple e-Learning and Classroom courses. This provides users with easier navigation and allows Course Managers and Organizational Reports the ability to track compliance based on one Curriculum.


A curriculum can be created for a specific list of e-Learning and Classroom courses. They cannot be added into other curricula. Course Managers are responsible for editing Curriculum details and adding/removing courses.
  1. Contact Service Desk
  2. Select New Course Request 
  3. Select Curriculum in the Format Field
  4. Complete all Mandatory FieldsNew Course Request.png
  5. Click Submit
  6. The LearningHub Support Desk will email you once the course has been created or will contact you if they have additional questions.

When you receive your LearningHub Curriculum shell, please review the course settings.

1. Login to your account

2. Click Admin Dashboard


3. Click Courses

4. Select the Curriculum

5. Click the Course Settings dropdownqwera.png2017-07-10_14-47-57.png

6. Click Basic Information and fill out all the necessary information, including the Course Description, Target Audience, etc. 

Course Branding allows you to choose the health authority that best represents the course. 

course branding 2018-03-08_16-45-26.png

7. Click Registration Rules

8. As the Curriculum is still in the development phase, check that the Course Visibility is set to either Accessible via private link only or Disable Self Registration. This is so that the Curriculum can be created and tested before being accessible to learners.Course vVis.png

9. Additional Registration restrictions can be added under Registration Options. This includes, adding a passcode or restricting the course to verified employee accounts.


10. Select the Course Completion and Certification options to your preference. Courses that require Recertification should be filled in.Cert.png

11. Click Notifications and check whether you would like to enable notifications for this course. 

notification 2018-03-08_16-33-19.png

12. Click Add Course Managers in Course Managers sectiondsafdf.png

13. For a list of the courses under the Curriculum, click Curriculum Courses


14. Set the Curriculum Enrollment settings and Click Add CourseCursdf.png

Enter in the Course ID or Course Title and click Search and then Choose. To change ordering of courses in your curriculum, use the up and down arrows and then click Save Changes.

curriculum move courses 2018-03-08_16-54-09.png

*Note: Individual courses not owned by you may have different Registration Rules. This may restrict learners' access to those courses. It is important to ensure all curriculum courses have the same Registration Rules as the curriculum.

Course Managers who need to view a report on all the learners who have registered, completed or have cancelled their Curriculum can use the Reports function to track this data.  

To access Reports for a course that you manage, follow these steps:

1. Click Admin Dashboard

2. Click Courses and select the Curriculum that you are wanting to view a report of

3. Click the Reports tab

4. Select the appropriate filter regarding the completion status

5. Click Download Report to export the report to Excel.