Testing e-Learning Courses

All online courses need to be tested before going live. They need to be tested both by the Course Manager(s) and by LearningHubAdmin.


Before testing your course, please ensure that your modules and course completion settings are all setup according to the e-Learning Course Completion Setting Guide.‎

If you require Test Accounts, please see the information under Test Accounts. We advise using Test Accounts because it allows you to view the course as a learner. The Course Manager role will not allow you to complete certain activities (i.e. Quizzes) or the course in general. 

Please note: When your course is in the development and testing phase, you should not be changing the Registration Rules from "Accessible via private link only". This is to avoid learners from accessing the course before it is ready to go live.

Registering Users for Testing

You will have to register users to test your course in development/testing phase. Course testers should be reviewing content and course completion.

1. Under the Manage Learners tab, select the Register Learners button on the right side fo the page.


2. Type in the testing account's name or email and Search

3. Select the user's name and click Choose
Click Searchs.png

‎Course Managers can use the following Test Accounts if needed. ​

Depending on who the audience is targeted for your course, select the account that would be the best fit from below. :

  1. LHUBPHSATest2@phsa.ca – Employee Account
  2. LHUBPHSATest3@phsa.ca – Employee Account
  3. LHUBPHSATest4@phsa.ca – Public Account
  4. LHUBPHSATest5@phsa.ca – Affiliate Account
  5. LHUBPHSATest6@phsa.ca – Affiliate Account
  6. LHUBPHSATest7@phsa.ca – Student Account
  7. LHUBPHSATest8@phsa.ca  - Student Account
  8. LHUBPHSATest9@phsa.ca – Volunteer Account
  9. LHUBPHSATest10@phsa.ca – Volunteer Account

All the above accounts use the same password. 

Password: spring.01

Follow the steps below to test your course. Any user who has also been registered into the course for testing should follow the same steps below.

Please note: We advise also testing courses on multiple browsers, i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, etc. to ensure as many learners are able to access your course content. If the course has issues under specific browsers, this needs to be advised to learners within the course.
  1. Login to a Test Account (please see Test Account information above)
  2. Locate the course under the Enrolments tab and click Start Course 
  3. When testing modules, you will need to select the title to access the course content. To exit back to the main course page, select the title of the course at the top of the page. 
    Testing mod.png
  4. Follow your course instructions on how to complete the module. Once a module has been completed, a checkmark will appear beside the module.

  5. If there is a module completion issue, you will have to review the Activity completion settings or the completion tracking settings of the module file in the eLearning software that it was created in (i.e. Articulate Storyline). 

  6. For all activities, we advise failing or incorrectly completing your first attempt and then passing the next attempt to test both possibilities.

  7. For the failed attempt, ensure that a checkmark is not received.

  8. Once all of the required activities have been completed, please note, it will take a short while for the course to appear as completed under the Learning History. To return to the LearningHub dashboard, select the LearningHub icon on the top left.

  9. On the dashboard page, select Learning History tab
Once you as the Course Manager and any others testing the course have completed the course, notify LearningHubAdmin to test the course as well. Please also provide LearningHubAdmin with any answer keys, if applicable. 
Once the course and course modules have been tested, LearningHubAdmin will change your course status from InDevelopment to Active. ​

*Ensure that you have checked all of the course settings before making the course live and searchable.

The course Registration Rules can now be changed to allow for self-registration and search, if needed. 

1. Click Course Settings

Save chang.png

2. Go to the Registration Rules tab and under Course Visibility, select to "Allow self-registration via search"

Self Registration.png

If the course will be restricted to specific groups and communicated out to them, you can leave the settings as "Accessible via private link only". If you will be manually registering learners, select "Disable self-registration". Then, Save Changes.

Course Manager Notice:
When communicating course links to learners, please use the “Learner View” link to refer them to the registration page. All other links are Course Administration only.

Please also do not distribute the Moodle link to learners as learners need to register through LearningHub.