Setting Up Your LearningHub Account







Create an account

Welcome to the LearningHub! Your first step is to Sign Up for an Account.

If you have an existing account, including an account created as a student or an employee from another Health Authority, please use that account. If you cannot remember the details of that account, submit a ticket to the LearningHubAdmin.  

If the Health Authority under your account needs to be updated, please contact LearningHubAdmin as well, otherwise, your account type (i.e. Student, Affiliate, etc.), can be changed on the profile page. You can also change your login email, password and profile information on that page.

Please avoid creating multiple accounts as this will scatter your Learning History and it is not necessary. Only one email can be associated with an account; do not create multiple accounts for purposes of having multiple emails. You can also create multiple profiles on an account if you have various job positions or if a student/other profile type is required.

Account Types

Depending on your role within a Health Authority or in healthcare, there are multiple account types to choose from.


All Employees working directly under a BC Health Authority, including nurses and Allied Health professionals. You will be required to provide a Health Authority Employee ID for verification. 

Note: You will need to verify your Employee ID so that your Learning History can be tracked in the HR Reports by your managers.

New Employees: If you have yet to start your position, your Employee ID may not be active yet. We advise trying to verify your employee ID a few days after your start date. If prompted to verify your employment, please select “Remind Me Later” or “Back to My Account” for the time being.


Current enrollment as a student in a healthcare related discipline in BC. Please select the Health Authority you expect your first practicum to be with. If you need to change the Health Authority at any time, please contact LearningHubAdmin. 


Employees under an organization in partnership/affiliated with a BC Health Authority. Includes contractors and those without a direct BC Health Authority Employee ID. 

Medical Staff

Medical Staff (i.e. physicians, dentists, midwives) working within a BC Health Authority.

If you are a Medical Staff with a direct Health Authority Employee ID, please register with an Employee Account.


Providing volunteer services in a healthcare setting in BC. 

General Public

Members of the BC general public and patients.

Steps to Create an Account

  1. Go to and click on Sign Up for an Account. 
  2. Enter your Name (First and Last), Email Address and a Password. Please review that the email address you provide is correct as the account activation email will be sent there. 
    Click Create Account.2016-10-19_13-57-49.png
  3. You will then be sent an activation email to the email address you created an account with. Please locate this email in your inbox and follow the instructions to activate your account.
    Please see an example activation email below.:

    Subject line: Verify your LearningHub account email

    If the email is not in your general inbox, check your junk/spam folder. If it still appears to have not been sent, click the "Resend Activation Email" button.2016-10-19_14-10-30.png
  4. Scroll through the Notice of Collection/Terms of Use to review the notice and consent of LearningHub. Then, click the "I Agree" button.Capture5.PNG
  5. Select the organization you require your account to be under and then, the account type that best suits your position.  

  6. If you are a Health Authority employee, you will be prompted to verify your Employee ID. If you do not know your Employee ID yet or have yet to start your position, click the "Remind Me Later" button. You will be able to try to verify your Employee ID again on the profile page at a later time. 
    verifpagee - Copy.PNG
  7.  Complete your profile by entering your information into the required fields.Capture8.PNG
  8. Your account has now been created. Please select “Back to LearningHub” and ”Login to LearningHub” to be taken to the Dashboard page where you can search for courses and start your learning. 

Change your account

  1. Login to your accountCapture.PNG
  2. Go to My Profile2016-10-21_13-04-23.png
  3. Click Change Account Type
  4. Select account type: Health Authority Employee, Physician, Student/Trainee, Volunteer11.PNG
  5. Click Change My Account Type

Get your password

If you have forgotten your password, you will be able reset it manually on the login page. 

Steps to Resetting a Password

  1. Go to the LearningHub Login Page
  2. After entering the login email associated with your account, please select "Forgot Password".
  3. Then, on the new page, enter the login email of the account. Please review the email address you enter as the password reset email will be sent there. 
  4. If you had added a "Password Recovery Email" to your profile, it will provide you the option to select which email you would like the password reset email to be sent to.
  5. An email will be sent to the designated email address. Please ensure to check your junk/spam folder if it does not appear in your general inbox.12.PNG
    If you no longer have access to the account email or do not remember what your email is, please Submit a Learner Support ticket with the details of the request.

  6. In the password reset email, select the "Click here to reset your password" button.
  7. Follow the steps to enter your new password.
  8. You will then be logged into LearningHub with your new password.
eEnter Enter cClClick the  

Verify your employee numSteSteps to Verify Employee Stat

Please note: The system will only be able to verify direct Employee IDs under FHA, HEABC, NHA, PHC, PHSA, VCH, and VIHA.

If you are a direct employee of a BC Health Authority, it is expected you verify your account so that your managers can track your Learning History in their HR Reports.

  1. During the account creation process, if you are setting up an Employee profile, you will be prompted to verify your Employee ID on the verification page. Please enter all the necessary fields and the CAPTCHA on the page.
    verifpagee - Copy (2).PNG

    If you are a new employee and your Employee ID is not verifying, it may be that your Employee ID is not yet active in your Health Authority's database. In this case, please follow the statement at the bottom of the page and select to "Remind Me Later".

    We advise trying to verify your Employee ID a few days after your start date, if you cannot do so right away.

  2. If you are trying to verify an existing profile, visit your profile page and select Verify Employment Status.2016-10-21_16-17-30.png

    If your account type is not under Employee and needs to be changed, this can also be done on the profile page by selecting "Change" under the Account Type field.
  3. Please enter all the necessary fields and the CAPTCHA on the page, as per the above instructions.

  4. Click the Verify Employment button

Issues When Verifying Your Employee ID

If you still cannot verify your Employee ID on your existing profile, select "Back to My Account". Most likely, your Employee ID is not yet active in your Health Authority's database. If you have started your position, please contact your HR Department to correct the issue.

If after trying to verify your Employee ID on the verification page you are told that the Employee ID is already registered, you will need to contact LearningHubAdmin for assistance. 


In this case, most likely, you have an existing account that the Employee ID is already verified under.


Minimum system requirements


Windows users

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser 

Mac users

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser, Firefox 5, Safari 3

eLearning courses

Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for all e-Learning courses. Flash Player 7; Mac users require Silverlight for MediaSite content.

Mobile device users

We do not currently support mobile devices.