Find a Course

Search for a course

  1. After you have logged in through Google Chrome on a desktop/laptop, type in the Course ID, Title, or a few Keywords to search for a course. If you search using the Course Title, ensure you type in the exact course title. We advise using the Course ID, if known.
  2. Select Search Courses or Enter on your keyboardSearch.png
  3. Once you have located the course, select the title to be redirected to the course registration page where you will be able to select "Register Course".

Issues When Locating Courses

Course Managers decide which account types the course registration will be open to. If you are unable to locate a course, it may be that the course is not open to your account type. If you require registration into the course, you will need to contact the Course Managers. If your account type needs to be updated, please contact LearningHubAdmin. 

For Classroom courses, if there are no upcoming sessions, the course will not be searchable. For information on the course or available sessions, please contact the Course Managers.

Any inactive or private courses will also not be able to be located through the search.