Manage My Profile

Updating Profile Information

  1. Click My Profile
  2. Click "Change" beside Profile Information
  3. Enter any changes to your Profile Information fields. Mandatory fields that need to be filled out will be indicated by a red asterisk (*). 

    Please Note: If you have verified your Employee ID, some fields will be greyed out. These fields cannot be manually changed as the information comes from the Health Authority's employee database. Please contact your manager/HR Department to correct any issues. If you have a new position with the same Employee ID, the fields will automatically update a few days after your start date. If your Employee ID has changed, please contact LearningHubAdmin.

  4. Click Update Profile

Updating the Account Type

  1. Click My Profile
  2. Click "Change" beside the Account Type
  3. Select the Account Type you would like it changed to and click Change My Account Type

  4. If you have a Public account type, you can change to an account under a Health Authority by selecting "Upgrade to Health Organization Account" on the profile page. You will then be able to select a Health Authority and account type.

    Please Note:
    If you need to change the Health Authority associated with your profile (i.e. you no longer work at the Health Authority and have moved to another), please contact LearningHubAdmin.

    To add another Health Authority profile, on the profile page, select "Add Another Health Organization Profile". More information can be seen in the below tab under "Add Another Health Organization Profile".

If you go by another name than the one listed in your school or employee records, you can enter this in the Preferred Name fields. This profile field is not mandatory.​

The Preferred Name can be different than the Name Field. For Employees, the Name Field will be populated with the information associated with your Employee ID and cannot be changed. In this case, you may want to add a Preferred Name, if it is different. 


Only one email address can be associated with an account for the login email. Your login email can be manually changed at any time on the profile page. 

Please Note: You should be changing your login email instead of creating multiple accounts. 

Changing Your Login Email

  1. Click My Profile

  2. Click "Change" beside the login email associated with your account.
  3. Enter the new login email you would like to use
  4.  Click Change Login Email. Please refresh your profile page to see the update of your login email. 

If you work or are doing a practicum under more than one Health Authority, you will be able to create multiple profiles within one account. All profiles under an account will share the same Learning History.

Please Note: You should be creating multiple profiles under an account if you are under multiple Health Authorities. You should never be creating multiple accounts

Adding Additional Health Organizations to an Account

  1. Click My Profile.

  2. Click Switch Profile in the top right hand corner and select to "Add another health organization...". Or, select Add another health organization profile at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Select the Role and Health Authority that you are associated with and select Continue.
    Please Note: You can only have one profile under each Health Authority.

  4. Complete the profile by filling in the mandatory fields, including Employee ID verification if you work for two Health Authorities.

If you have multiple profiles, after logging in, you will choose which profile you would like to register or access courses under. You can also switch at any time once you are logged in. All profiles under an account will share the same Learning History.

Steps to Switch between Profiles

  1. Click Profile, then Switch Profile.
  2. Click on the Profile you would like to switch to.Switch Between Profiles.png

Please note: The system will only be able to verify direct Employee IDs under FHA, HEABC, NHA, PHC, PHSA, VCH, and VIHA.

If you are a direct employee of a BC Health Authority, it is expected you verify your account so that your managers can track your Learning History in their HR Reports.

  1. During the account creation process, if you are setting up an Employee profile, you will be prompted to verify your Employee ID on the verification page. Please enter all the necessary fields and the CAPTCHA on the page.

    If you are a new employee and your Employee ID is not verifying, it may be that your Employee ID is not yet active in your Health Authority's database. In this case, please follow the statement at the bottom of the page and select to "Remind Me Later".

    We advise trying to verify your Employee ID a few days after your start date, if you cannot do so right away.

  2. If you are trying to verify an existing profile, visit your profile page and select Verify Employment Status.

    If your account type is not under Employee and needs to be changed, this can also be done on the profile page by selecting "Change" under the Account Type field.
  3. Please enter all the necessary fields and the CAPTCHA on the page, as per the above instructions.

  4. Click the Verify Employment button

Issues When Verifying Your Employee ID

If you still cannot verify your Employee ID on your existing profile, select "Back to My Account". If you are a new employee, your Employee ID is most likely not yet active in your Health Authority's database. If you have started your position, please contact your HR Department to correct the issue.

If after trying to verify your Employee ID on the verification page you are told that the Employee ID is already registered, you will need to contact LearningHubAdmin for assistance. 


In this case, you have an existing account that the Employee ID is already verified under.