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Please click through the tabs above before submitting a ticket as most support questions can be easily answered by the helpsite content.

Encounter an error page or unable to access course content?

Please use Google Chrome on a desktop/laptop for course completion.

Please refer to Opening an Incognito Window in Google Chrome.pdf if you receive an Error Page or encounter issues opening a course.

Please refer to Allowing PopUps.pdf if you receive a message stating that "it appears that popup windows are blocked, stopping this SCORM package from playing. Please check your browser settings before trying again."

Northern Health Authority Learners/Employees

If you are a Northern Health Authority learner/employee experiencing any issues on the LearningHub, please contact rather than submitting a ticket below.

Common Learner Issues

Please scroll up to visit the My Profile & Take a Course tabs for guides that may be of assistance to you before submitting a ticket.

Setting Up Your LearningHub Account
Manage My Profile (e.g. change login information, verify Employee ID) / Merge Accounts
Upcoming Classroom Course 
- LearningHubAdmin do not have any virtual Classroom course links (i.e. Skype/Zoom links). Contact the designated Course Manager and/or refer to the course registration confirmation email for information. 

VIHA Accounts: If you use an Vancouver Island Health email to login, please note that as of September 28th, 2021, we have updated all emails to Please use your email to log into LearningHub​.

Submit a Help Ticket

Learners : Please also refer to our Learner's FAQ Sheet before submitting a Learner Support ticket.

For an account merge, please refer to the Merge Accounts page

For information or feedback on course content, please contact the designated Course Managers. Course Contact information can be found at the bottom of the course page.

Course Managers : Please scroll up to visit the Manage a Course tab for guides that may be of assistance before submitting a ticket. Please also refer to ourCourse Manager's FAQ Sheet before submitting a ticket.

If you are not a Course Manager or do not require reporting done within a BC Health Authority, please submit a Learner Support ticket. 

**If you are a NORTHERN HEALTH AUTHORITY (NHA) LEARNER/EMPLOYEE, please do not submit a ticket. NHA learners are to refer to the contact information provided at the top of the page.

Please submit a Learner Support Ticket for any general user support inquiries.
Please submit a Course Management Support Ticket only if you are a Course Owner, Course Manager, instructor for a course.
For Health Authority Specific Education Compliance Reports for Managers with direct reports.
For any new courses, please submit a New Course Request ticket. Turnaround times will vary, as each Health Authority may have a different procedure regarding the approval and creation of new courses.
For Provincial Reporting requests that may involve more than one Health Authorities.