Finish a Course & Get Certification

Please see below information on how to complete a course and receive the course completion certificate. Please use Google Chrome on a desktop/laptop for downloading and printing files.

Classroom courses

If you have attended a Classroom course and the session is still listed as Pending in your Learning History after more than a week, please contact the Course Manager to update your attendance. Course Managers are responsible for updating learners' completion status.​

Course Manager contact information can be found by selecting the title on the record and then, selecting "View Course".

eLearning courses

You must complete all mandatory learning activities in the course for completion. Completion of a module is indicated by a checkmark.Complete.png

*Upon completion of all required modules in a course, it will take a short while for the course to appear under your Learning History. 

Please do not cancel a course, unless that is the intended action and you do not require completion. 

‎For courses with expirations, previous completions of those courses will always be listed as “Expired” in the Learning History. As long as there is a recent “Completed” record in the Learning History, the “Expired” record(s) can be disregarded as it is only for tracking purposes.

To view the expiration date, open your completion certificate. The information will be stated below the certificate, if the course is to expire. :


Downloading or Printing a Completion Certificate

1. After logging in, select the Learning History tab

2. Under the Learning History tab, you will see the courses you have completed listed by date (in descending order, with the most recent record at the top). The course records will be identified as "Completed", "Expired", or "Pending". Additional information regarding "Expired" and "Pending" courses can be found under this tab as well. 

You will also be able to access your Learning Transcript by selecting Print Transcript.

If a course issues a completion certificate, there will be a "Certificate" link in the last column of the course record. Please select this link to view/download your certificate.

Please note: Not all courses will issue a completion certificate and this is decided upon by the Course Managers for reasons based on their course content. certificatelink.jpg

3. After selecting the “Certificate” link, you will be taken to a new page. On this new page, your certificate will be displayed. Below the certificate, you can select to either Download or Print your certificate.:


Downloading or Printing your Learning Transcript

1. After logging in, select the Learning History tab

2. Under this tab, you will see the button to "Print Transcript". 


By selecting to Print Transcript, this will open your Printer settings to print the document.

If you would like to Download the transcript instead, change your print destination to "Save as PDF". 


Please note: The instructions provided are for when using Google Chrome on a desktop/laptop, as it is recommended for LearningHub. The process may be different if you are trying to download the document by other means as each browser/device has different settings.