Jan 31 updates

Interface changes have been added to help Course Managers and Administrators in the Admin Dashboard!


A couple of New Interface changes and enhancements have just been released:

  • Added a progress bars to indicated loading progress for searches and Admin Dashboard Home
  • Added status message during loading
  • Added a refresh button to reload current data on course and user search
  • Added clear text button in search field
  • Added current/total # of records count for search results
  • Bulk action buttons like Email Learners, Update Session, Reschedule, Move to Waitlist are now displayed at all times
  • Added Next/Prev buttons for Search Results
  • Scrolling thorugh Classroom sessions will continue to scroll on same page
  • Session buttons have been rearranged; instead of two rows it's now one
  • Search results will now be kept by clicking back button 
  • Save Grade Result is no longer highlighted
  • Session information is now aligning to the right
  • Course Registration Notifications now include a hyperlink to the course

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