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Testing e-Learning Courses

All online courses need to be tested before going live. They need to be tested both by the Course Manager(s) and by LearningHubAdmin.

Follow the steps below to test your course. Any user who has also been registered as testers should follow the same steps.

  1. Login to a Test Account (please see Test Account information below)
  2. Click Start Course 
  3. For courses that use SCORM packages (Online Modules created in e-Learning Software), start the activity by clicking on the title and then exit back to the main course page by clicking the title of the course at the top of the page.Testing mod.png
  4. Ensure that the course module does not have a checkmark on the right column under Your ProgressX mark.png
  5. Start the activity again, clicking through all slides and content.Check.png
  6. If there is an issue, you will have to correct the issue and republish
  7. For SCORM packages that are quizzes, start the quiz, and fail the quiz2nd check.png
  8. Ensure that the quiz does not have a checkmark on the right column under Your Progress 
  9. On the next attempt, start and pass the quiz
  10. Ensure that the course module has a checkmark on the right column under Your Progress All goo.png
  11. After 15-30 minutes, go back your LearningHub Account
  12. Click Learning Historylearnhist.png
  13. Check that the Course Result has change to Completed. Completed Course.png

As the Course Manager, when you have confirmed that your test account and your testers have managed to complete the Testing process, notify the LearningHub Support Desk who will then begin Testing.

Important Note: You will have to register your testers because while your course is in development (testing) it will not be searchable in Find a Courseuntil it is ready for production (live).  

Course testers should be reviewing content and course completion.

Note: You must register your testers because your course is not searchable until it goes Live. As a Course Manager, it is recommended that you should not use your own account to test the course.

Registering a Tester in a course

1. Click Admin Dashboard on your Main Home page

2. Select Courses

3. Select the specific Course

3. Click Register Learners button to register

4. Type in the testing account 

5. Click Search

6. Select Name, click ChooseClick Searchs.png

Course Managers can use one of the following test accounts and register at least 2 users with their own accounts to test the course.

Depending on who the audience is targeted for your course, select the account that would be the best fit from below:

  1. – Employee Account
  2. – Employee Account
  3. – Public Account
  4. – Affiliate Account
  5. – Affiliate Account
  6. – Student Account
  7.  - Student Account
  8. – Volunteer Account
  9. – Volunteer Account

All the above accounts use the same password. 

Password: spring.01

When the LearningHub Support Desk has finished testing and have confirmed with you, the course is ready to go live (into production).

Ensure that you have checked all the course settings before making the course live and searchable.

1. Click Admin Dashboard on your Main Home page

2. Select Courses

3. Select the specific Course

4. Click Course SettingsSave chang.png

5. Click Registration RulesSelf Registration.png

6. Click Allow self-registration via search

7. Click Save Changes

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