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e-Learning Course Settings

Course Managers are responsible for uploading and maintaining their course content. Please review the information below on Course Development and then proceed to Course Testing.

As a Course Manager, you will be able to view all of the courses that are under you as a Course Owner, Course Manager or Instructor in one place.

To view these courses:

1. Login to your account. If you have multiple profiles, select the profile the course is assigned under

2. Click the Admin Dashboard

3. Click Courses to view all the courses that you own or manage


4. Navigate the top panel to scroll through your list of Managed, Active, Favourite and Inactive Courses.


5. Favourite Courses: To Favourite a course, hover over the course title until a star appears.2018-10-22_13-01-46.jpg

Click the star so it turns yellow. The course will then appear under the Favourites Tab.2018-10-22_13-03-43.jpg

When you recieve confirmation that your course has been created by the LearningHub Support Desk. Ensure that you have selected all of the Course Settings.

For e-Learning Courses complete the following steps.

1. Login to your account

2. Click Admin Dashboard


3. Click Courses

4. Select the Course

5. Click the Course Settings dropdownCSettings.png2017-07-10_14-49-30.png

6. Click Basic Information and fill out all the necessary information. Course Branding allows you to choose how the course logo will look like. 

course branding 2018-03-08_16-45-26.png

7. Click Registration Rules

8. As the course is still in the development phase, check the Course Visibility is set to either Accessible via private link only or Disable Self Registration Course vVis.png

9. Select the additional Registration and Access Rules 


10. Set Payment Settings if applicable with a valid Cost Account Number for your Health AuthorityPayment.png

11. Set Course Prerequisite Settings if applicable

12. Select the the Course Completion and Certification options to your preference. Courses that require Recertification should be filled in.Cert.png

13. Click Notifications and check whether you would like to enable notifications for this course. 

notification 2018-03-08_16-33-19.png

14. Click Add Course Managers in Course Managers sectiondsafdf.png

15. Enter the name or email of the Course Manager and Click Choose

16. For e-Learning Courses, click eLearning Course Setup  eona.png 

17. Set the Course Access Period


18. Click Save Changes

To share the responsibility of your courses/sessions, as a Course Owner, you can add additional Course Manager. A Course Manager will be granted all the same editing and viewing access except for the ability to change a Course Title, Inactivate the Course and changing the Course Owner.

1. Click Admin Dashboard

2. Click Courses

3. Select the specific Course from Manage Coursescorps.png

4. Click the Course SettingsCourse Settings.png

5. Click Course Managers


6. Click Add Course ManagerAdd Course Manager.png

7. Enter the name or email of the user. You can also filter by First Name, Last Name, Email, and group on the left side.

add ppl2018-03-09_14-30-55.png

 You can choose multiple users to be added at once.

8. Click Add Course Manager

Course Managers who need to view a report on all the learners who have registered, completed or have cancelled this course can use the report function to track this data.

To access Reports for a course that you manage, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account
2. Click Admin Dashboard
3. Click Courses and select the course that you are wanting to view a report of
4. Click the Reports tabREportss.png
5. Select the appropriate filters, time, and click Filter
Filter Report.png
6. Click Download Report to export the report to Excel.

‎Once you have recieved the URL to your new course from LearningHub Support Desk, you will be able to start course development within the Learning Management System Moodle.

To develop/upload online course content and to access Moodle, go into the Admin Dashboard, click courses, and click on the course title. Click Open Course near the top right hand side of the screen.


If you have added additional Course Managers to your course on the LearningHub, you will also need to add them in Moodle. To do so, go to users on the Administration bar on the left, click Enrolled Users. Type in the name or email of the Course Manger and select Manager Access.


Note* New users who have not accessed Moodle for any course yet will not be searchable in adding them as a Course Manager in Moodle. They will be required to go into Moodle before they show in a search.

Additionally, Course Managers who have registered as a user in the same course may possibly have their Course Manager access removed. You will need to add back their Course Manager access by click on Enrolled Users, searching for the user and selecting Manager again.

To upload content to your course, click the Turn editing on button near the top right hand corner of the screen.


Either drag and drop a file into the center of the screen, or click the Add an activity or resource button to select which type of item you would like to add.2018-11-07_11-32-09.jpg

While uploading content to online courses, please note that files should not exceed 150mb due to limited amount of space within our system. ‎

If files or SCORMS are larger than 150mb, you may need to modify the file so it is a smaller size. 

Videos within online modules are usually the biggest files. Removing these videos and uploading them to the PHSA LearningHub Youtube Channel is an alternative option to decreasing the size of a file. Please submit a ticket if you need to inquire about utilizing Youtube as an alternative option.

Articulate Storyline 3 is one of the many e-learning software avaiable to course managers and instructional designers to create interactive e-Learning content.  

For additional help regarding Articulate Storyline 3, you can view its user guide on their main web page:

To create a quiz within Storyline 3:

1.       Open Storyline 3 and select New Project.


2.       Click New Slide and then Graded Question.



3.       Select the type of question and the click Insert Slide.3.png

4.       Type out the question and the choices. Check the correct answer.4.png

5.       Set points and feedback for correct and incorrect responses.5.1.png

6.       You can switch to Slide View to see the layout of the question.

7.       Edit question settings on the top navigation bar.7.png

  1. Shuffle answers: choose to shuffle answers or not
  2. Score: calculated by question or by choice
  3. Attempts for this question: the number of attempts allowed

8.       After all questions have been added, insert a Results slide.8.png

9.       Add the Graded Result Slide.

10.   Edit Result slide settings.

11.   To publish the quiz:

  1. Check Player settings on the top navigation bar
  2. Preview the quiz
  3. If everything looks good, hit Publish -> Publish as LMS
    Check over the Reporting and Tracking settings and then Publish.



At anypoint, if you need to change the content of your e-Learning Course, be mindful that any changes can effect learners that are in the process of the taking the course. Also note that content that is changed will need to be retested.

For SCORM Acitivites that used e-Learning software to create (Articulate and Adobe Captivate) you will need to follow these steps

1. Publish and Zip your new file and ensure that it has the same name as the current file already uploaded.

2. Login to the LearningHub

3. Go to Admin Dashboard

4. Courses

5. Click Turn Editing onTurn editing.png

6. Click Edit next to the acitivity that needs to be updated and Edit SettingsEdit Settings.png

7. Under the Package Section, drag and drop the new zip file into the current file

8. Click Overwrite Overwrite.png

9. Click Save and Return to Course 

Note* Follow the same procedures for other documents like Word, Powerpoint and PDF's

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